waterloo controversy

waterloo controversy

Posted: Mar. 14, 2019 6:29 PM
Updated: Mar. 14, 2019 6:29 PM

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how much home owners and a playground at a park in waterloo is sparking controversy among community members this evening. they say it's not safe and something needs to be done....but officials say its not that simple. kezi 9 news reporter jillian cary, "they want to come and play but most of the stuff is broken all the time." brooke cary is one of many concerned parents living in waterloo who is demanding changes to be made. she tells me once the equipment starting breaking down over a year ago....the county has resorted to putting bandaids over the issues instead of fixing the problem. and shes not the only one who feels this way.... phoner "the orange fencing that they used to prevent kids from going through a dangerous slide i think is like four bucks from home depot right now and i planted some grass in my backyard my dog walks right through that stuff its definitely not adaquate" bridge: the slide is boarded up...many parts are blocked off and one swing remains. many parents tell me their kids dont even want to come to this playground anymore because they say theres not much left for them to do. "cary, "my kids favorite thing is can we go to the park today can we go to the park today and if we have to tell them no the park is still broken...well then their faces fall." i went to the director of linn county parks and recreation to get answers. when i asked him why these items havent been replaced for a while he said... "carroll, "can we put this back in operation and have it safe thats the paramount importance...we're not going to put something back into place if we cant make it safe." he also says the age of this playground plays a huge role... carroll, "its not something we can say we're going to go on amazon and just pick up a new slide thats not the case...it has to fit this specific model of playground." but community members say theres a lack of communication between the county and parents...and when they voice their concerns nothing is resolved.... "cary, "what can we as a community do to help raise the money you know those are avenues we can look at but without communicating with the people around here and offering that as an options we're just stuck wondering why you dont care." for now.. there's nothing official on the books to clean up the park. late this afternoon we learned that county officials will be discussing this matter tonight at their
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