6.5M lawsuit claims mental patient killed Eugene man during 'holiday leave'

Josh Jaschk is set to go trial starting April 16 for allegedly killing 49-year-old Spiros "Steve" Ghenatos in Eugene.

Posted: Mar. 14, 2019 7:14 PM
Updated: Mar. 14, 2019 7:14 PM

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made their first court appearances.. what we've the family of a eugene man who was murdered in 2017 is now seeking 6 and half million dollars in a wrongful death lawsuit. the alleged killer... was on a "holiday pass" from a state- run mental hospital. thank you for joining us--i'm renee mccullough. i'm matt templeman. this new lawsuit comes as the alleged killer gets ready to head to trial next month. kezi 9 news reporter michael sevren joins us live guys i'm here on amazon parkway and east 19th. it was here in april of 2017 that josh jaschke allegedly killed sprios ghenatos (gen- a toes). and while this lawsuit plays out - jaschke is still set to go to trial next sot i hope he gets locked up for the rest of his life and i he hope he goes to a prison where he belongs in a cage. despite his defense attorneys arguing that josh jaschk - is not fit to stand trial - a jury is expected to to decide his fate on april 18th. sherri shaw - says he doesn't think he's insane. sot: i think he is playing this so he doesn't end up in prison. says she knew 49 year old spiros "steve" ghenatos up until his murder in march of 2017. but she says his alleged killer - josh jaschke is not the only one to blame for his death: just cause he won't talk to his attorney is no reason for him to be sitting in a nice hospital where they can let him go at their own leisure so he can go and kill somebody else. in a lawsuit filed behalf of ghenatos family - atttornies allege the oregon psychiatric security review board failed to supervise jaschke when he was on a holiday pass - he was already in the middle of a serving a 20 year sentence for assault. the lawsuit also alleged the springfield police department let i reached out the city of springfield and the oregon psychiatric security review board but they both told me they can not comment on any pending litigation. live in eugene i'm michael
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