Woman & cat rescued from burning building in Corvallis

Heidi Ferguson said she heard panic in the caller's voice and she soon learned that the caller was trapped on the third floor of the burning building.

Posted: Mar. 14, 2019 7:43 PM
Updated: Mar. 14, 2019 7:43 PM

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kezi 9 news. now to corvallis where we're hearing from a dispatcher who helped save a woman and her cat -- trapped in an apartment fire. that fire was friday afternoon -- and it all started with a candle. kezi nine news reporter amber wilmarth shows us how the collaboration between the dispatcher and the fire crews on nats sirens 911 - i'm on the top floor and i don't think i can get out a frantic call for help.... it's really smoky from a woman trapped inside this building -- on 5th and jefferson. amber, "heidi ferguson was working the phones that day. she says she heard the panic in the woman's voice with her." i'm going to stay on the phone with you ok, they're coming to help ferguson guided the caller through a smoke filled room... stay low ok to a window....where -- you can see here....she was rescued by a corvallis firefighter. we're going down together dave, "heidi did a really good job of getting the person coached to come out onto the roof where we could get her out." she's been a dispatcher in corvallis for 25 years..and says she's never had a call quite like this. heidi, "i can recall many time where i say leave, evacuate and non remember walking them through this far." heidi ferguson, "how did it feel when you heard the firefighters voice? relief." a huge sigh of relief for her -- and the fire crews on scene.... dave, "really glad no one got hurt.
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