Eugene makes national headlines for homeless crisis

A segment aired on Fox News called "Homeless Crisis: Decay of Americas Great Cities. It mentions U.S. cities including San Francisco, Seattle and Eugene.

Posted: May 14, 2019 6:14 PM
Updated: May 14, 2019 6:14 PM

Speech to Text for Eugene makes national headlines for homeless crisis

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eugene is in the national spotlight for the wrong reasons... the homeless crisis. this comes as city and county leaders work to figure out how to improve the problem. kezi 9 news reporter madison glassman spoke with eugene residents today about the attention...some say they're shocked, others not so much. city and county officials met monday night to disucss potential changes to their homeless and housing services. but as that happened..*this aired on fox news. madison: are you shocked to see eugene on this list? not at all." eugene was among five u.s. cities to be featured on their segment, ""homeless crisis: decay of great american cities" sot: ""my initial reaction is that eugene is a small town that has the same problems as big towns on a smaller scale so we're all exposed to the same things just on a smaller scale." sot: "no, it doesnt suprise me, we have a lot of homeless people here." others disagree. <"madison asks, do you think eugene deserves to be on this, not looking at san fransisco where i'm very fimiliar with that. no i dont beleive that at all. eugene...the type of people that are homeless seem to be in greater need medically or mentally and they're kind of cast off to soceity because of that and so they eventually find their help hopefully...san fransisco, it's more of a lifestyle." at monday night's meeting, officials looked at a report which provided tactics to combat the problem... so, what did they learn? sot: "i think the report is esentially get us to what they call functional doesnt eliminate homelessness, but it gets us to a place where the unsheltered single adults in our community are sheltered or on a path to being sheltered." but -- questions were still left unanswered. sot: so, it sounds like we should expect to a significant decrease in the number of we have metrics for a timeline?" officials responded by saying the report is looking at the issue in terms of long-term soloutions. officials say they weren't planning on making a vote last night -- but city council approved moving forward with the plan to get details on budget impacts for potential improvements for homeless outreach and services programs. in eugene, mg kezi 9 news.
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