Shelton Turnell Closes

Shelton Turnell Closes

Posted: May. 15, 2019 6:52 PM
Updated: May. 15, 2019 6:52 PM

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temperatures in the low 50s. a longtime printing business in eugene is closing its doors after more than 90 years leaving 27 people without a job. the other 14... have been given job offers to work for another company that is starting up in our area soon. kezi 9 news reporter jillian smukler spoke with current and past employees to understand what went wrong. boytz, "its gut wrenching...its heartbreaking...i mean the companys been in business since 1924 theyve been an instituion in lane county...and probably natioanlyl so its tough its really difficult to walk through the plant when its dark." interim president john boytz tells me it all comes down to not having enough money. he says the expenses continued to add up...and they were unable to stay afloat. the company ending up selling the building for less money than it was initially worth. a mistake that boytz says started the decline. but a previous owner that was there for 42 years... says it's not about the expenses piling up its about who took over ever since he retired. "i sold it and they took over...all three of them did not do their job welll...thats what started the downfall of the company thats what started sorry but thats what started it" he tells me when he heard the news of the company going out of business he was sad. partially because he chose to hand it over to employees rather than sell it to a national company.... and partially because he saw it coming. when he stepped inside this business today for the first time in 12 years...he says he can tell things have drastically changed. "it didnt feel like a company at alll...everyones got an excuse for why things dont go well...everybody." bridge: as you can see on this wall its filled with hundreds of messages from employees and customers who tell me theyre just devastated that after ninety two years of being in business they're finally coming to a close. burch, "it feels like a death...its feels like a loss of a part of my its very emotional its tough everyday." burch worked at shelton turnbull for 35 years. thats why when she heard the news of them closing for good....she was heartbroken. she says in the last year employees have had a feeling it was going to close... burch, "we used to be amazingly busy all the time and as computers came in it just changed everything so as that happened you just have to change with the times...and sometimes we did and somtimes we didnt." boytz says they will have the building and all the employees cleared out by the end of the month. reporting in eugene jillian smukler kezi 9 news. another printing company in portland called morel ink has decided to open up a new location in the springfield eugene aera and hire 14 of the employees. a representative with morel ink says this comes after months of trying to buy the company... but failing to reach a deal. all the employees received their
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