Long Tom Grange sells "Grab and Go Disaster Bags"

The bags are $38 and you can purchase them at Pfeiffer Winery, B and I Hardware, and Les Schwab in Junction City.

Posted: Jul 5, 2019 6:06 PM
Updated: Jul 5, 2019 6:06 PM

Speech to Text for Long Tom Grange sells "Grab and Go Disaster Bags"

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have continuing coverage... with all this talk about earthquakes... it serves as a reminder... to not only our community, but our state that being prepared in the event of a catastrophe is extremely important. good evening i'm chynna greene. this is where we will go to kezi 9 news reporter emma jerome who met up with emergency response professionals about the importance of preparedness bob morris: "a massive earthquake which is going to happen...it's not a matter of if, it's a matter of when is significant system failure across all of the disciplines and all of the infrastructures" you're hearing it all around... the big one... a projected catastrophic earthquake that according to the united states geological survey is set to happen in the next 30 years chief morris says this will cause extreme damage to dams structures... roads... and buildings... meaning hospitals he also says that it is imperative people have one emergency kit per person that will cover them for at least 3 days because it will take emergency response teams much longer to respong* to emergencies that's where danuta pfeiffer and the long tom grange come in. they are selling emergency preparedness grab and go disaster bags. emma jerome: "the kits come in this easy to take bag. inside you'll find things like food that will last you a couple days... water... even an am/fm radio... that and other items that you would need in the case of an emergency." i asked pfeiffer why the grange wanted to do this. her response? dp: "we're a community grange.. and we care about eachother and we decided it was time to put these together and be proactive sbout our community and the funds that we raise from these bags are going to go towards emergency responder training courses that we want to hold at the grange. jeff perkins is also with the department and says that people should see what's happening right now in califronia and use it as a warning of what they need to be doing jeff perkins: "people should see what's going on in california right now...and study some of the things that are working in california... some of the people that did plan, but more importantly look at the cases and scenarios where people did not plan. larning from the mistakes of others is how you create best practices and how you can be more prepared in your situation" the bags are 38 dollars and you can find out where to purchase them on our website... in junction
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