Pay gap conversation continues following USWNT win

In 2016, five members of the USWNT filed a complaint with the U.S. soccer federation with the equal employment opportunity commission citing a nearly $20 million gap.

Posted: Jul 7, 2019 6:19 PM
Updated: Jul 7, 2019 6:19 PM

Speech to Text for Pay gap conversation continues following USWNT win

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players are trying to move the conversation over equal pay.... forward. kezi 9 news reporter emma jerome joins us in the studio to explain what the*community thinks about the issue emma jerome: "jillian... you're very right... after being resparked by comments rapinoe made about not only pay disparity... but in the difference of the coverager and treatment of the women's team it seems the conversation is louder than usual... this has captured the attention of not only local sports leaders... but also the community. i got to speak with both and although they agree strides have been made... they also say we have a long way to go" cheers heard round the world well on their way to their second consecutive world cup victory& the u-s women's national team... received cheers of triumph... but according to fans who were there... solidarity from fans demanding they be paid what the men do sparked by captain megan rapinoe's vocal disappointment in the pay gap between men's and women's national teams... megan rapinoe: "if you really care are you letting the (pay) gap grow? are you scheduling three finals on the same day? no, you're not." people are standing with the team digitally the issue is not new& in 2016 five members of the uswnt filed a complaint with the u.s. soccer federation with the equal employment opportunity commission citing a nearly 20 kmillion dollar gap it's not just soccer and it's not just at the national level... chesley lindsay is the president of the women's rugby team at the university of oregon and she says the treatment different between her team and the mens team is crystal clear chesley lindsey: "for example... last year... during our season we had 9-11 pm practices on the turf field from january to april while the men practiced at much more convenient times" these women are icons for young soccer players "those are my role models... those are who i've looked after soccer wise... so for me to go and see them make it to the finals is pretty crazy for me" johnathan scott: " i love the fact that... especially little boys can see at a young age that women can do bigger things than men can do. i think it's just a really magical thing... because misogynism ha slasted for so long and it's slowly and slowly coming to more terms with whatr the reality is which is that we're equal." ej: "bolstered by a little extra bling for the team... the conversation over disparity between mens and womens sports remains ongoing... almost a billion people tuned in to the games this year... broadening the stage as they continue forth with their fight for what they hope will be a closed gap reporting in the
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