Cats at Lane County landfill raise concerns

Lane County Public Works Director Daniel Hurley said it is their policy not to rescue cats.

Posted: Jul 9, 2019 6:50 PM
Updated: Jul 9, 2019 6:50 PM

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appeal. now to that investigation into allegations of animal abuse at the lane county dump. as we reported at five... county officials say cats are not being exterminated at the landfill --- but they're not rescuing the cats either. now... as kezi 9 news reporter michael sevren shows us... animal lovers say fixing the cats will help fix the problem. sot: there's probably something that can be done. kelly coulter with the shelter animal resource alliance, a non profit dedicated to helping cats find forever homes, says something needs to be done to control the feral cat population at the short mountain landfill. sot: if you have to use some of your own resource's it seems like it's worth it for the animals in the community. county leaders say birds and rodents are killed by trained hunters... but they found no proof that cats were being killed intentionally. but they do concede that cats are getting into the dump --- and there's policy to rescue them. stand up cat experts here tell me the best thing people can do control feral cat populations is to trap them so they can be fixed and return them out to the wild. sot: they need to be delt with but in a humane way. jenetta overholser with the cottage grove humane society hopes the county will team up with local animal rescues to trap and fix the cats. in an email to concerned residents lane county public works director dan hurley say they've rescued kittens at the dump before but it caused a disturbance and they don't have a way to care for them. he says rescuing cats could be dangerous in the landfill. sot i understand safety is a grave concern for everyone but i'm sure there are ways to make it safe for everyone but i'm sure there is ways for everyone and we can at least gets the cats out of there, spayed and neutered. hurley say says they have small staff at the landfill that is focused on disposing of over 600 tons of trash everyday. but animal lovers i spoke to say getting the cats fixed will help fix the problem. sot: it's kind of the best proven method for population control. in eugene i'm michael sevrne kezi 9 news we wanted to visit the landfill today and see the conditons there for ourselves... but county officials denied us access. they also declined an on camera interview. another
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