Thousands lost in scams targeting military families last year, BBB says

KEZI 9 News anchor Jaimie Hays sat down with Dawn Johnson with the Better Business Bureau to learn more.

Posted: Jul 10, 2019 12:54 PM
Updated: Jul 10, 2019 12:54 PM

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recall is for consumer month and last year oregon service members, veterans and spouses reported more than 80 scams i sat down with dawn johnson yesterday with the better business bureau to learn how you can protect your family i am here with dawn johnson from the bbb and she is here to talk to us about military scams their family and what they go through july is actually military consumer month so it is a good time to talk about it but we see these scams all year round targerting military veterans and their family last year alone we took in to almost 100 reports of service members who have been scammed and that was about over 22,000 lost number one scam we see is tax collection scam and that is when you recieve a call saying they are the irs so that is when you get a call saying you owe taxes and if you don't pay them right now you will get arrested or something of that sort something to look out for is that these scammers are immediate, saying you need to send something right away. the real irs will always send you a letter first before giving you a call and they will never ask you to pay fees with a debit card or wiring money jaimie: and what happens with this grandparents scam, they want you to wire money to help the injured solider over seas. what can families do to protect themselves dawn: no matter what the scam is go back to the source so if you don't feel right about the tax collection, call the irs number and tell them waht happend find out if it is legit. if you get a call about a service member being injured, go back to the source, try to get in touch with them or their commanding officer jaimie: what can an individual do if they start getting these calls? do they report to you or the police? dawn: report it everywhere, go to bbb at we work with local law enforcment and the fbi but it is also good to report the scam to the fbi jaimie: how do these scammer get our information? dawn: everywhere, you never know. we are so out there with social media and online shopping. you just have to be extra cautious. jaimie: thank you so much to find out more tips and these types of scams go to our website
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