Eugene opening three public bathrooms 24/7 downtown

Each location will get new sanitation stations, plumbing updates and major cleaning within the next few weeks. The city will also be adding new signage to direct people to the newly-renovated bathrooms.

Posted: Jul 11, 2019 7:11 PM
Updated: Jul 11, 2019 7:11 PM

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cloudy. lows near 60 degrees. kezi 9 news reporter evita garza was downtown today and spoke to small business owners who say these public restrooms will give people a private place to go. after 50 years in the toy business, alan agerter has seen it all. "that's really why we are still here. for customers that have been coming here 40 or 50 years." one thing he also sees from time to time... "i would say probably one a month..." human waste in the street... from people who have nowhere else to go. "there's a pile out in the alley right now you could take a look at if you want to." agerter says the city's plans to open 24/7 public restrooms in the area may help relieve the situation. evita: "to avoid issues like this, city officials say that these restrooms will be extremely clean and under tight security." under the plan..there will be four restrooms: two renovated facilities in the parking structure at 10th and oak... a trailer in the park blocks... and a portable restroom behind the library. city official: everybody poops: erin brown... the downtown manager for the city... says the ideas is to provide a safe place for everyone to go. eb: it doesn't matter if you are unhoused and need a place to go to the bathroom or if you are a young parent who is downtown with your kid and you need a place to change a diaper" despite the good intentions... some we spoke with say they're concerned the bathrooms will be taken over by drug users and other bad actors. "it's a real challenge to keep them clean and safe in the long run. what we've found is that monitoring is the most important thing." the project's funding comes from the 120 thousand dollars the city council allocated to improve downtown sanitation. agerter says he's hopeful that these restrooms can be a positive for everybody. "i hope that they are used. i hope the people they are aimed for will know how to use them and how to take advantage of them. that's the problem. they are too used to using the outdoors." reporting in downtown eugene, evita garza kezi 9 news.
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