In The Garden: Growing hibiscus in Oregon

Hibiscus can be a great house plant or perfect for a spring and summer outdoor planter.

Posted: Aug 9, 2019 3:30 PM
Updated: Aug 9, 2019 5:13 PM

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avoid famine. it's no question hibiscus flowers are a lovely and colorful addition to any garden. and if you're looking to plant some -- we have a few tips on how to help them flourish, and which ones are right for you in tonight's in the garden. marisa: this week we're talking hibiscus and you have maybe seen one of these types of hibiscus plants before but there are many varieties. can you tell me about some the different ones here and the different traits? caleb: yeah definitely. a lot of times people think of hibiscus as the ones you see in hawaii or the beautiful pictures and we certainly have those and they're great, they're a tropical look. they're an annual so they don't really survive our winters. but you can do them as a house plant or in your spring and summer containers. a lot of fun, a lot of bright color. but then there's other types of hibiscus like the one you're right next to is actually it has the nickname rose of sharon. so it's actually a shrub, it can also be in tree form. so basically yeah it loses its leaves and then in the spring it leafs out. and then in the summer -- flowers. it gets to be about five by five feet tall. so if you're looking for a permanent looking hibiscus in your yard that's a great choice. then next to me down here i've got your perennial hibiscus. now these actually die all the way back down to the ground and then they come back and they bloom from july to october. this guyright here is a very tall hibiscus and this is a shorter one. marisa: and what type of care do these plants need? do they need a lot care, a little care? caleb:they need a sunny location and then really the biggest thing is when they start to flower they're using a lot of energy so they're definitely gonna be heavy feeders so make sure you're fertilizing them with either a slow release or a liquid. marisa:well who knew there were this many varieties? thank you so much caleb. if you have any questions about hibiscus you can head to our website
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