Hundreds of supporters, protesters at God, Guns & Liberty rally

Hundreds gathered at the Wayne Morse free speech plaza, on the sidewalks, and on the streets to support and protest the God, Guns and Liberty rally Saturday.

Posted: Aug 10, 2019 6:19 PM
Updated: Aug 10, 2019 6:19 PM

Speech to Text for Hundreds of supporters, protesters at God, Guns & Liberty rally

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more. hundreds of people gathered in support and in protest of the "god, guns, and liberty rally" in downtown eugene today. this all happened at the wayne morse free speech plaza. kezi 9 news reporter emma jerome spoke with many people who participated to see why it was important for them to make sure their voices were heard. emma jerome: "im here in the wayne morse free speech plaza and as you can see the people have cleared out. thats because they all took their views... to the streets and sidewalks" god... guns... and liberty.. those are the reasons hundreds came out saturday to speak out for what they believe. don sacrison: " i agree with god... guns... and liberty... so that's why i came. " sarah skochko: "so they brought god into it by calling it the guns...god... and liberty rally and we are here on behalf of god as well. hundreds of people showed up and showed out to make their voices heard on both sides... with banners... signs.. and flags... the plaza and surrounding streets and sidewalks were littered with people who had something to say don sacrison came in support of the rally and he said there were clashed... but not instigated by his side... ds: "i don't know... ask that group over there... because it's not us at all... i don't understand this group. i don't know why they do this." while sarah skochko thinks that the rally today was a scare tactic... and an unsuccessful one at that. ss: "at first it occured to me that maybe we shouldn't give them attention because that's what they want, but i also think that they want to intimidate people and i'm not intimidated. i don't think many people here are afraid. we are more interested in flying our rainbows and showing love ej: "hundreds of protesters came out today to make their views heard loud and clear. and many i spoke with say they will continue to do so forever. reporting in eugene emma jerome kezi
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