Woman seeks help with hundreds of cats at Lane County home

The woman said her stepmother has been in the hospital for the past two weeks with illnesses related to the cats.

Posted: Aug 12, 2019 6:38 PM
Updated: Aug 12, 2019 6:38 PM

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6" a lane county family says their loved one's home isn't safe after hundreds of cats breeding for more than a decade have created a major mess. thanks for joining us, i'm renee mccullough. and i'm matt templeman. this is at a home between eugene and veneta. as kezi 9 news reporter michael sevren shows us.. they think the house is a complete loss but they hope to find a new home for the cats before they tear it down. outside of this home in rural lane county... you'll find dozens of cats roaming around. and kasandra riley says they're even more inside...she thinks there is close to 4 hundred. a spokeswoman for the county says they're investigating to find out if the home is livable. but riley says she already knows the answer --- no ---- and she wants the house demolished. first... though... she wants the animals to find new homes. sot: in the house is just horrible. everything is pooped on everything is peed on. riley says this is her stepmom's house. the problem started 13 years ago with one litter of kittens. now she says her step mom has been in the hospital for two weeks because of respiratory issues... issues caused by the cat odor. stand up: even outside the home, you can smell all the cat urine and fecese. kassandra tells all the cats have fleas. and many are sick. she says many others have died over the years. a spokeswoman for the county says they're willing to spay, neuter and release cats for free - but claims the property owner refused that two years ago. sot: there is no way she can keep them she's 80 years old. she's right now fighting for her life in the hospital. there is no way we can keep them here. they need to go they have to go. officials at greenhill humane society tell me because many of the cats are feral they can't bring them to their shelter. but green hill also says they haven't been to the property to see if the cats really are feral. they say they are working with the county to find the best possible outcome for both animals and humans but say it will take time. nat sound feeding cats. meanwhile, the problem continues to multiply. sot: i have no money to take care of these cats and i don't want to watch them starve i can't see them starving i just cant (crying) in lane county i'm michael sevrne
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