Petition seeks to reverse Jim Torrey's appointment to 4J board

Petition seeks to reverse Jim Torrey's appointment to 4J board

Posted: Aug 14, 2019 6:12 PM
Updated: Aug 14, 2019 6:12 PM

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into a recession. jim torrey is already at work... serving on the 4-j school board a week after being appointed. but just as soon as he's begun, parents are calling for his removal. kezi 9 news reporter chris lueneburg joins us in the studio to explain. that's right guys. torrey was chosen to fill the vacant position just last week. but some 4j parents --- and union leaders --- were upset that the board didn't take the opportunity to increase latino representation. now there's a petition with over 600 fifty signitures calling for his removal. in a 4j school board goal-setting retreat today, jim torrey took his chair. "jim torrey/4j school board member: i was sworn in last thursday." the controversy surrounding his appointment- leaving him undeterred. "i'm in place. and i don't intend to resign." not even in the face of a petition circulating online- asking that the school board reverse its decision and remove him. they also want the board to make transparency a priority... by releasing all emails and documents about his appointiment to the public. "i urge people to look at my record, ask if i can continue to do the things the things we were able to achieve in this district." according to 4j parent and former advisory board member isiah wagoner.... its not all bad with torrey- but he's asking for more. isiah wagoner" when it comes to funding for 4j, i definately think he's trying to do what's best for 4j. but i think this issue mostly pertains to what we are going to do with children who are struggling at the bottom, and how are we going to see that these kids get the proper needing and attention that they deserve." and somebody with a more diverse background could have more to offer "i think that's why he was replaced initially with someone who could see where we were at with our values." 4j staff tell us that there's no procedure for the board to remove one of it's own members... meaning a recall effort would be the only way. torrey says his mission is to make people of all backgrounds welcome in 4j schools. "i am going to reach out to every community of color." we tried to reach out to the organizers of the petition... but no contact information was available. torrey is slated to hold his position until june 2021. reporting in the studio, i'm chris lueneburg, kezi 9 news.
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