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KEZI 9 Checks In June: New liaison makes scheduling cancer treatments easier

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ROSEBURG, Ore. – A new position at the Community Cancer Center is making scheduling treatment even easier for patients.

KEZI 9 Checks In, sponsored by the Community Cancer Center, is a monthly reminder for women to do a self-breast exam to check for any lumps or changes. To sign up for a monthly reminder, CLICK HERE.

A cancer diagnosis is difficult to receive on its own. Figuring out everything that comes after – like radiation and chemotherapy – can cause even more stress.

The Community Cancer Center now has a way to make the transition into treatment even smoother. They now have a specific patient liaison, one person who will be in charge of setting up patients’ radiation treatment after being contacted by a medical oncologist.

The liaison, Ashley Ortiz, said her goal is to make everything run much smoother because this can be an overwhelming time.

“Every patient that’s going through cancer, it’s a terrifying experience, and any delay in that is horrible for them,” Ortiz said. “So our goal is to get rid of that part of it for them.”

Without a patient liaison like Ortiz, there could be delays in setting up care because she said many patients go to Portland for chemotherapy and to the cancer center for radiation. When you need that type of concurrent care, scheduling both can feel overwhelming.

Ortiz said her goal is to have it done in a few weeks.

“Our typical goal is two weeks. That’s kind of what we like to go in with. Obviously those will change according to certain things, but we never like to say we can start things right away when some other things need to happen, but the goal is to seamlessly move those things along so it goes smoother,” Ortiz said.

So if this is something you are interested in, call the cancer center at 541-673-2267 and ask for Ashley Ortiz.

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