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Event planners busier than ever as COVID-19 restrictions lifted

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EUGENE, Ore. -- With most COVID-19 restrictions now lifted in Oregon, a lot of things are changing, including the schedules of event planners.

Getting married without a hitch is unheard of, expecially post-pandemic when people want to get married now more than ever. 

Bride-to-be Tiffany Cronk said she is very excited to spend more time with all of her family on her big day. 

"If feels great knowing that we get to go out and actually be with our family instead of hunkering down," said Cronk. 

Cronk also said wedding planning during a global pandemic was not fun for her.

"That was really hard having two different families deciding only fifteen people get to come because of the restrictions," said Cronk. 

She said while she originally looked for a venue in Oregon, she went with one in Las Vegas, Nevada, because she always wanted to go there. But with the lifted restrictions, she decided to look into Oregon venues once more.

"Now that Oregon opened up, I decided to look again and their numbers are larger and now we can invite more people. So it's a little less stressful, a stress relief, knowing that I can have my whole family there instead of part of them," said Cronk. 

But brides aren't the only ones who have had it tough. Entertainers have also been booked, and the influx of clientele has DJs running around. Jared Ritzer, owner of Caught in the Act Entertainment, said while he is excited to get more clients, he is also keeping safety in mind.

"So, we're gonna do everything we can to give our clients and customers and guests that warm fuzzy feeling inside that we're still taking this seriously because we're not out of the woods yet," said Ritzer. 

And the influx in guests at dress shops like David's Bridal in Eugene equals more business. 

Customer representative Anny Gordon said masks are no longer required for vaccinated guests or employees, and the amount of guests allowed in the store has also changed. 

"We've definitely gotten bigger parties, but we have a small space so we can't accommodate a ton of more people than we've already been taking in," said Gordon. 

Despite this, Gordon said she isn't worried about more guests in the store. 

"I think things have been pretty steady. We've had some really busy days since I started here which I wasn't expecting, but yeah I think it's been pretty good business," she said.

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