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New Eugene safe sleep site with village theme coming before end of year

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EUGENE, Ore. -- More of Eugene's homeless population is getting a roof over their heads this winter with another safe sleep site. Everyone Village is set to open late this year.


It's a safe sleep site with a twist; these have huts called micro shelters. They hope to have 13 micro shelters and 17 RVs available to welcome 30 unhoused residents before January.

Everyone Village sits on 3.5 acres of land off of Dani and Janisse streets near Mattie Reynolds Park.

Heather Sielicki is the co-lead for Everyone Village. She said their goal is to create a community where everyone has a sense of belonging.

"We need so many more exits to homelessness in this community, and I think what we're building will be something that can come along and support people where they are," Sielicki said.

They are currently working with five different school districts to build the micro shelters. The site will also be fenced to control access. They're also working on building common spaces with restrooms, clean water, electricity and wastewater disposal areas. 

Residents are expected to keep the place tidy and be good neighbors.

"This will eventually grow to 60 even 120 units of people living in a planned development that has workforce opportunities," Sielicki said.

This includes Oregon Bottle Drop and different farming opportunities to help people re-engage back into the workforce.

Sielicki said their vision is to help people in these homes gain confidence in their skills so they can re-integrate with the rest of the community.

She said they'll also have security patrolling the area daily from six in the morning to six at night.

"We understand that sometimes people are a little concerned when something new comes into the community. We're going to have safety patrol so that people have a sense of security so that when we're coming into the neighborhood. We are here to be a good neighbor, and that's what we're looking forward to being here in West Eugene," Sielicki said.

Everyone Village is actively recruiting people staying in tents and RV's in the city.

Find more information HERE.

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