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A bobblehead of Dr. Fauci will help pay to produce masks for health workers

The National Bobblehead Hall of Fame and Museum has made a bobblehead of Dr. Anthony Fauci, the nation's top infectious disease expert.

Mayor of Georgia coastal town assails governor's 'reckless mandate' to reopen the state's beaches

The Tybee Island city council voted to close the beaches on March 20, but Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp issued a statewide shelter-in-place executive order which supersedes all local orders relating to coronavirus -- and also opened up the state's beaches.

A classic 'Twilight Zone' episode warns us how not to behave during a pandemic

The classic 1960 "Twilight Zone" episode "The Monsters are due on Maple Street" charts a suburban street's descent into chaos caused by an unseen threat.

A New York woman played her husband their wedding song on FaceTime as he passed away from coronavirus

CNN's Erin Burnett speaks to Maura Lewinger about her last moments with her husband, Joe, who died from coronavirus at 42-years-old.

Detroit bus driver dies from coronavirus days after making angry video about coughing passenger

A bus driver in Detroit shared a video expressing his frustration with a passenger who was not taking proper precautions to prevent the spread of any illnesses. Days later, that bus driver, Jason Hargrove, died.

This nurse demonstrates just how fast germs spread even if you're wearing gloves

People around the world are being asked to practice social distancing. These guidelines can show you how to do it safely.

Man uses $900 from savings to buy gas for more than 50 Detroit nurses

Michigan resident Allen Marshall used $900 he'd been saving to buy gas for Detroit nurses during the coronavirus pandemic. Michigan is one of the hardest-hit states in the pandemic, according to Johns Hopkins University.

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English Premier League players 'thrown under a PR bus' by clubs, says Gary Lineker

Former Leicester City, Tottenham and Barcelona striker Gary Lineker talks to Richard Quest about the Premier League pay cut debate in the UK.

New England Patriots fly 1.2 million protective masks from China after 'challenging' operation

New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft speaks with Anderson Cooper, Sanjay Gupta and NY Governor Andrew Cuomo about his move in bringing 1.2M N95 masks from China to the US using the Patriots plane.

New England Patriots fly 1.2 million protective masks from China after 'challenging' operation

Former New York Knicks star Stephon Marbury is working with a company in China to sell 10 million masks to his hometown at cost instead of a profit. He tells Anderson Cooper why it was important for him to do so.

The breast cancer survivor determined to make her fifth Olympic Games in 2021

Chaunté Lowe is a four-time Olympian and American-record holder in the women's indoor and outdoor high jump. Two years ago, she discovered a rice-sized lump in her breast that changed her life forever.

Roger Federer shows off trick shots while on lockdown

Prevented from shining on the field, athletes have been taking to social media to share quarantine moments from home during the coronavirus pandemic.

What are organizers up against now the 2020 Olympics have been moved to next year?

The delay in the Tokyo Summer Olympics has presented a logistics nightmare for organizers, athletes and fans. CNN's Will Ripley reports on how the delay could torch Japan's tourism industry.

Katie Ledecky hoping next year's Olympics can be a celebration of 'the entire world coming together'

Five-time Olympic gold medalist Katie Ledecky explains her feelings toward the 2020 Tokyo Olympics being postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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Bill Withers, 'Lean On Me' and 'Lovely Day' singer, has died at 81

R&B legend Bill Withers died on March 30th from heart complications at the age of 81. These are the memorable songs he left behind.

'Tiger King': 'Doc' Antle and Jeff Lowe speak out against docuseries

Netflix's bizarre new series follows eccentric private zoo owner Joe Exotic and his menagerie of big cats. Here's how it became a massive hit.

Elliot Stabler is back in a 'Law & Order: SVU' spin-off

Actor Christopher Meloni will reprise his role as Detective Elliot Stabler in an upcoming "Law & Order: SVU" spinoff.

Larry David asks 'the idiots out there' to stay home and watch TV in crabby coronavirus PSA

Comedian Larry David put his complaint skills to use in a PSA urging Californians to stay at home during the coronavirus pandemic.

Jack Black's shirtless Quarantine Dance takes TikTok by storm

Jack Black is the latest in a stream of celebrities, including Gordon Ramsay, Justin and Hailey Bieber, joining TikTok since the coronavirus crisis began.

John Krasinski and Steve Carell gave us a mini 'The Office' reunion

Actors John Krasinski and Steve Carell reunited on Krasinki's new YouTube show "Some Good News" and reminisced about their favorite scenes and moments from the workplace comedy.

Backstreet Boys reunite for iHeartRadio's Living Room Concert for America

Social distancing didn't stop the Backstreet Boys from coming together for Elton John's iHeartRadio's Living Room Concert for America.

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Here's what America's oil CEOs discussed with Trump

OPEC will meet with Russia and other oil producers in the hope of agreeing to production cuts and ending a brutal price war. CNN's John Defterios reports.

The US economy lost 701,000 jobs in March — worst report since 2009

The US economy lost 701,000 jobs in March. That doesn't reflect the past two weeks of layoffs. CNN's Christine Romans reports.

Even in the coronavirus pandemic, the Japanese won't work from home until Shinzo Abe makes them

The infection control specialist who sounded the alarm about failures on the Diamond Princess cruise ship warns Tokyo could become "the next New York" if the Japanese capital does not make drastic changes to its coronavirus strategy. CNN's Will Ripley reports.

Chris Cuomo shares covid-19 experience: 'The beast comes at night'

CNN's Anderson Cooper and Dr. Sanjay Gupta speak to Chris Cuomo about his coronavirus symptoms and how he's been coping at home with the illness.

Disney furloughs employees 'whose jobs aren't necessary at this time'

Almost ten million Americans have filed for unemployment benefits in the past two weeks, as businesses continue to lay off and furlough workers amid the coronavirus outbreak.

Stocks slip after record unemployment claims: April 2, 2020

Covid-19 has sent the global economy into a downward spiral. CNN Business' Christine Romans explains three scenarios of what recovery could look like.

This is no April Fool's. British American Tobacco is trying to make a coronavirus vaccine

During the outbreak in China, one U.S. pharma company doubled the price of a potential treatment. Gerald Posner, author of "Pharma," warns of the dangers of companies exploiting the cost of a much-needed solution to the worldwide pandemic.

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US Politics

Top Pentagon policy official resigns at Trump's request

The Pentagon's top policy official is expected to depart his post soon, according to two sources familiar with the matter. John Rood, Under Secretary of Defense for Policy at the Pentagon, lost support among senior national security leadership and has been asked for his resignation, one of the sources said.

Sanders spokeswoman says she misspoke after distorting Bloomberg's health record

Bernie Sanders' national press secretary Briahna Joy Gray said the questioning of the 78-year-old Democratic presidential candidate's health and requests for further medical records "were reminiscent of a smear campaign."

5 takeaways from CNN's town halls with Bernie Sanders, Pete Buttigieg and Amy Klobuchar

During a CNN town hall in Nevada, Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) addressed the need for gun reform and spoke about her "saddest day in Washington."

Buttigieg slams Trump: My marriage never involved sending 'hush money to a porn star'

During a CNN town hall in Nevada, Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg discusses conservative radio personality Rush Limbaugh's attack on Buttigieg's sexuality.

Buttigieg recalls time he tried to use three languages to help a family at a protest

Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg shared a story at the CNN Town Hall in Nevada about how he tried to use his foreign language skills to help a family caught in the middle of a protest.

Donald Trump and his pardon triangle

CNN's Jake Tapper reports.

Trump's pardon spree deepens crisis gripping American justice

President Trump issued a series of pardons and commutations that included former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich, former San Francisco 49ers owner Eddie DeBartolo Jr., former New York City police chief Bernie Kerik and junk bond king Michael Milken. CNN's Kaitlan Collins reports.

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The US enters crucial weeks of coronavirus fight after a grim milestone of most deaths reported in one day

While speaking at a coronavirus task force briefing, President Trump said that this week and next will probably be the toughest in the fight against coronavirus and that "there will be a lot of death."

US coronavirus death toll tops 8,000 as Trump warns 'there will be a lot of death'

CNN's Gary Tuchman interviews several congregants of an Ohio church about their decision to attend service, despite coronavirus outbreaks.

Is an 'immunity certificate' the way to get out of coronavirus lockdown?

Zahara de la Sierra is a small town of 1,400. In response to the novel coronavirus spread around the world, it is taking isolation very seriously.

Have to cook from home for the first time? Here's what you need to know (plus your first recipe!)

Want a healthy home-cooked meal, but don't have time? Here are three easy-to-make dishes using ingredients you probably have in your pantry.

Nurse struggled to get tested and worked while infected with coronavirus

A nurse in New York who was showing symptoms of coronavirus worked at two hospitals for about seven days while waiting on test results that would eventually come back positive. CNN's Elizabeth Cohen has the story.

New York's governor will sign executive order to allow redistribution of medical supplies to hospitals in need

Dr. Deborah Birx said she can tell by looking at the US curve of coronavirus cases that not every American is following the guidelines set out by the administration for people to stay home and be vigilant about washing their hands.

Journalist says she unknowingly infected others with coronavirus at her mom's 90th birthday party. Two died

Dr. Anthony Fauci explains why even after weeks of stay-at-home orders and social distancing, the peak of coronavirus in the US is still yet to come.

Health Headlines

Social Media-Technology

Amazon fires warehouse worker who led Staten Island warehouse walkout

Amazon has terminated an employee based in the company's Staten Island, New York, warehouse after he participated in a worker walkout protesting the company's response to the novel coronavirus. CNN's Christine Romans reports the employee, Christian Smalls, was supposed to be under quarantine.

This company wants to turn your windows into solar panels

In the United States, buildings consume approximately 70% of the country's electricity. But a breakthrough in solar glass could offset that demand by converting the windows of every building into solar panels.

Amazon workers to stage a walkout Monday, demanding closure of Staten Island facility

Amazon's top spokesman Jay Carney tells Brian Stelter about how the company is addressing the coronavirus pandemic. Amid complaints from some warehouse employees, Carney says safety is the company's "first and primary concern." He also describes a daily meeting with CEO Jeff Bezos "brainstorming about what else we can do" to respond to the crisis.

Google is donating $800 million to help with the coronavirus crisis

Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D-NY) responds to a tweet by President Trump in which he claims that there are thousands of federal government ventilators found in a New York storage facility.

From the brink of bankruptcy to a 1,300% stock gain: How this CEO turned around her company.

About six years ago, AMD was bleeding cash and drowning in debt. Then Lisa Su stepped in. She became the chipmaker's first female CEO and was tasked with turning the company around.

James Dyson designed a new ventilator in 10 days. He's making 15,000 for the pandemic fight

Dyson received an order from the UK government for 10,000 ventilators to support efforts by the country's National Health Service to treat coronavirus patients. CNN's Anna Stewart has the latest on the company's efforts to help.

Apple releases coronavirus screening app and website in partnership with CDC

Working from home isn't an option for many retail workers across the country who risk exposure to Covid-19. CNN asked them to share their stories with us. Here's what they told us. Watch the latest videos on Covid-19. 

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