Life expectancy differs depending on individual neighborhoods

By Jillian Smukler

Wed Sep 12 04:18:19 PDT 2018


EUGENE, Ore. -- A new report shows life expectancy can differ between individual neighborhoods across Oregon -- sometimes by more than a decade in the same city.

The dark blue areas on the map are where people live into their 80s and the lighter areas show where people die in their late 60s and early 70s.

The study shows people are living longer in South Eugene, specifically in North Springfield and the Irving and Fir Grove areas.

The longest average life expectancy is 88 years old east of the University of Oregon near Hendricks Park and Laurelwood Golf Course.
The lowest life expectancy is 70 in the Bethel area near Northwest Expressway.

People also are not living as long in many areas of Springfield.

The grey areas on the map mean life expectancy has not been calculated in those neighborhoods.

In Roseburg people are living the longest in the Melrose and Lookingglass areas. The life expectancy is 83 years old. People living in the city of Roseburg are only living to around 75 years on average.

In North Albany life expectancy is in the early 80s. However, in the middle of the city, life expectancy is 74.

There is no data in the neighborhoods in the middle of Corvallis, but the life expectancy around the city is in the mid to high 80s.