Some drivers aren't stopping for school buses, Eugene mom says

By Michael Sevren


EUGENE, Ore. -- A Eugene woman fed up with drivers not stopping for her daughter's school bus has taken to recording drivers breaking the law.

Cheryl Richardson said her daughter gets on a Bethel School District bus to go to school from her work on Highway 99 between Roosevelt Boulevard and Royal Avenue.

She said she has seen drivers traveling in both directions of Highway 99 not stopping for the school bus since last year and started filming in late October.

It's happening nearly every day, she said, and the school bus always has its lights flashing and its stop arm extended when it happens. That section of Highway 99 is not divided with a center median, meaning drivers must stop on both sides of the road. 

Richardson has recorded 10 videos of her daughter getting on the school bus and eight of them show some drivers not stopping. She has reached out to Eugene Police, who told her they will be stepping up traffic enforcement in the area.

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